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Mobile Carnivore

In the game you can buy seeds and grow your own beautiful and very unusual carnivorous plants - each has its own "character" and the habits (they really looks like snake, dragon, tiger, etc.). Beautiful flower will live in your phone and delight you every day. Grow your pet - now Carnivorous plants.

The wonderful world of carnivorous plants

Carnivore - is a fascinating mixture of RPG and arcade clicker that will not leave you indifferent! You will enjoy excellent graphics, exciting mini-games, captivating competitions. Create a unique image of your pet-plant and win the grand prize at the Intergalactic show!

News and updates

Coming soon - exhibitions!

New entertainment is on the way! Create a unique image of your pet and to compete with your friends for the title of best of the best. Everybody move on the exhibition!

31 may 2015


Stop being dumb! From now your pet will be able to repeat any of your phrase. Turn on your mic and talk to your favorites - and then he carefully repeats anything you say! The more heafs you have - the more different voices you can collect!

28 may 2015

New website

Hooray! New website of our game is now in stream! Here you can find description of the game, ee the library or contact our support team to resolve any issues!

25 may 2015

Anastasia Kalagina

Well, it's very cool! And the graphics, and the idea, and no lags. Just smart game. There is only one but - it is a pity that the plant can not do anything (mouth open, move it). It would be all perfect!

Callisto Montreal

Great game. Please add more interactivity to stroke and or to beat. To buy different coloring of the flower, suits to even decorate the new varieties of flowers, irrigation synthesis and may have some mini-games.

Andrey Ivanov

Thanks support is quickly solved the problem of the unavailability of the store, and even a small compensation accrued. A trifle, but nice. Good luck in the development of the project!

Ulyana Andryunina

Class! Many thanks dear developers, the best game about plants.

Rostislav Kishlar

Nexus Android 5.0.1 5 Funny game! Nice soft colors, interesting and fun to play. Nice sound!) Make children happy and relieve stress :) fast running guys! Well done!

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